About Us


A.  A Joint-venture with Clear Professional Advantages Formed by Three Enterprises from China, Italy and Germany

CANOBBIO (CHINA) ASIATEX CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.,founded in August 2005 in Guangzhou, China, is a joint-venture with global competitiveness of comprehensive abilities for custom tensile membrane structure engineering, on the bases of complementary advantages, jointly invested by HBH (China) Membrane Structure Material Processing Company specializing in manufacturing and physical distribution, CANOBBIO (Italy) Membrane Structure Engineering Company specializing in technology and management, and IF (Germany) spatial Structure Architect Associates specializing in design and supervising.


B.  An Expert-type Company Always Strictly Implementing Europe Technical Standards 

As a typical technical expert-type company, we apply outstanding European production equipment of software and hardware, and always strictly implement Europe technical standards and engineering specifications in the whole process of construction including  project design, material purchasing and processing, physical distribution, installation on site and maintaining services, etc.


C.  An International Company with Abundant Project Achievements across the World

With the excellence of high efficiency and reliable quality, we have successfully completed hundreds of tensile membrane structure projects across Greater China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, and are now striving to develop the markets of America. 



A.  Qualification: Tier One of design of tensile membrane structure; Tier One of construction of tensile membrane structure.

B.  We offer services of technical consultancy, designing, processing and installation of all kinds of custom tensile membrane structure buildings and related products--stadiums, tennis courts, railway stations, docks, terminal buildings, toll gates, theatre stages, large carports and long corridors, etc. 



A. We have obtained a good brand name for our outstanding quality and services--we have successfully completed over 800thousand square meters of custom tensile membrane structures with more than 370 projects in different scale during the ten years since company establishment. 

B. We have archived all original project contracts for potential clients to verify our achievements at any time.

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