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Why we recommend PTFE TiO2 membrane for our clients?

The first case of fiberglass PTFE fabric, coated with Teflon-coated building membrane was use as umbrella roof in the University of Raven, was built in 1973.

With the development of the global chemical industry, the pursuit of environmental protection, a large number of new technologies applied to the building membrane structure, in recent years on the basis of high-quality PTFE membrane material, the development of PTFE (TiO2) building membrane.

Solar UV irradiation of TiO2  PTFE, will be produced a chemical reaction, can be gathered in the building membrane surface of organic matter, broken down into water and carbon dioxide. The current use of PTFE membrane, is already very high quality stable and inert, we built in 2003 the Macau Taipa Olympic Stadium, had been used still now, the PTFE building membrane should be used more than 50 years theoretically.

TiO2  PTFE in the sun to produce chemical reactions, the actual is an air purifier, 1 thousand square meters of TiO2 PTFE membrane structure of roof, the equivalent of 100 trees of poplar purification capacity.

If the traditional PTFE building membrane, is a stable, translucent insulation of the permanent building roof; then the application of TiO2 PTFE, is the tension in the roof of the building trees, so that TiO2 PTFE, clean air, decomposition Organic matter.

 (TiO2) PTFE construction membrane, has been used in the project, all parameters are in the test data model, whether in accordance with the laboratory test data, to meet this requirement, wait and see.

If the test data, such as TiO2 PTFE construction membrane as a roofing building materials, it is the blessing of the earth!  |  网站备案号:粤ICP备14052026号-1