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The construction cost of membrane structure

The key to the construction cost of membrane structure

Anyway more and more PTFE membrane structure, or PVC fabric architecture, ETFE tension film and air pillow are used, inflatable membrane structure dome, etc., what are keys of the composition of the membrane structure cost?

First, the support structure, the membrane structure has a temporary tension building, semi-permanent cable & membrane architecture, permanent PTFE and ETFE membrane structure, but because of the life-span are different of requirements, in the structural calculation, the selected loading are different;

Second, the choice of the main material of the material is important,  the import of high-quality membrane should be choice better, and the domestic high-quality membrane from China also are more and more better in quality, as well as temporary membrane architecture, in fact, the textile membrane quality is a bit difficult to be judged, because the appearance of membrane material are near! But the price difference is very far, the price per square meter from more than ten yuan to more than 600 yuan;

Third, secondary steel structure, if the price is relatively low, the second steel can be saved , the membrane borderline will be fixed in steel frame directly.

Fourth, aluminum clamping, thin 1mm aluminum alloy fixture, can save a lot of money;

Fifth, the pre-stressed cable, casting and pressing the cable head, these cable can be used more than 50 years of life, and the scene knock on site, 10 years have been luck, and a lot of 2 years will be off;

Sixth, the installation of security measures, and sometimes installed full of scaffolding frame construction is equal to the cost of total of textile architecture, if the real security measures, there will be expensive membrane architecture;  |  网站备案号:粤ICP备14052026号-1