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Our office open today February 2020

         Due to the impact of the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, responding to the requirements of the Guangdong Provincial Government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ensuring social tranquility, ensuring the health of our employees, and strictly following the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, all our company's businesses were officially launched on February 10, 2020.

     Due to the actual situation of local situation and control, as well as travel and visa restrictions:

1-Guangzhou city: all services can be provided,  including design, construction site, processing;

2- Outside Guangzhou, due to local travel restrictions, only limited services can be provided, and design business is not affected;

3-For foreign business, only design services are provided; on-site guidance for the project is restricted by visas and cannot be provided ;

 We hope that all employees of our company will work together for 2020, do our work well and provide high-quality services to customers!

I also look forward to many patner companies, my friends, a good and peaceful 2020!  |  网站备案号:粤ICP备14052026号-1